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It can be quite difficult for strata members to keep costs down while still making wise maintenance selections. Are you attempting to safeguard the assets of your strata, stay clear of expensive roof repairs, and preserve long-term value without essential knowledge?
We provide strata roof maintenance for all building types, including multi-family homes, tall apartment towers, and entire apartment buildings. To ensure excellent aesthetics and durability for your strata roofs, we only utilize the best roofing materials. Strata properties need to plan roofing projects differently than regular residential structures do. Strata developments demand extensive funding and planning in advance.

Strata Roof Maintenance

We highly recommend our routine roofing maintenance programme to extend the lifespan of your roof and identify any potential issues in advance. We examine your roof and gutters for damage and clean out any debris. You can save money in the long term by making a small monthly investment now.
Our highly trained and experienced roofers won't consider their work on your strata roof complete until you are happy. The calibre of our work is guaranteed by Best Quality Roofing. Knowing that our expert strata roof services are entirely guaranteed by our Workmanship Warranty will give you peace of mind.

Why Pacific Coast Roofing?

For more than 15 years, Pacific Coast Roofing has been a top choice for multi-family and strata roofing services in the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland Area. The company offers high-quality and reasonably priced roofing services. We understand your concerns and needs when it comes to choosing a skilled roofing contractor because we have worked directly with numerous strata councils and property management firms over the years.
Our knowledgeable team will provide you an unbiased assessment of the state of your current roofing system. We can help you decide which roofing system, design, color scheme, etc. is most suited for the particular requirements of your property. Any size strata roofing job in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland will be planned, budgeted, and coordinated with our assistance. While always respecting the demands of your strata community, we make sure that all stakeholders' issues are taken into consideration and offer ideas and advice based on our experience. We prioritize causing as little disruption as possible to your strata property owners.

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Energy Efficient

A suitable roofing solution to your property will allow your building to maintain its temperature inside during summer and winter time. Eventually leading to reduced energy bills.

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Our CertainTeed certified professionals use high quality materials increasing their life expectancy than normal. 

Budget Friendly

No Hidden Costs, No Last Minute Surprises. We try to keep the costs as low as possible without compromising Quality. 

Hire the Best Roofing Contractor

It's critical to have faith in your roofer's ability to install your new roof when it comes to your roof. At Pacific Coast Roofing, we combine our first-rate craftsmanship with the best roofing materials available. We are committed to providing excellent customer service. Our employees uphold the highest standards of decency and professionalism in all business dealings.
After Hundreds of Clients and Countless Roofing Projects, We can proudly say "We are one of the best Local Roofers!"

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