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What is a Built Up Roof?

A typical kind of flat roofing material is known as a built-up roofing system, or BUR. The final product is actually built up using several layers of bitumen, felt, asphalt, and other materials. They are put layer by layer and take only a short amount of time to instal. BURs are among the earliest varieties of flat roofs, having been in use for more than a century. They have evolved into what they are now, but they have remained one of the best flat roof materials to employ throughout history.
If you're searching for low-slope roofs with high traffic (like commercial buildings), a built-up roof is perfect because it offers a quick installation process while yet providing durable protection from adverse weather conditions like wind and rain. Additionally, they offer outstanding durability, ensuring that the investment will last years of wear and tear. A built-up roof can have numerous levels made of a variety of materials; there is no one size fits all version.The base sheet's bottom face and top surface both have a thermofusible plastic surface (meaning they can be joined together thermally, in this case by melting both surfaces with a propane torch). Hence, the phrase "Torch On Roofing." Rolling on the roofing material and permanently welding it together creates a link with the layer or layers underneath. There are no toxic or unpleasant gases produced during the installation process, in contrast to tar and gravel roofing.

Because it can be applied to a variety of surfaces and offers superior waterproofing, a built-up roof is practical for flat or low-slope roofs. Due to their hefty construction, they also provide protection from the weather, such as wind and rain. Due to their endurance, you won't need to worry as much about repairs in the future.

Benefits of Built Up Roof

Built-up roofing refers to particular roofs that have ply sheets and bitumen layers as its foundation and often have a pebble-like surface material on top. Low-slope rooftops are especially common for this kind of commercial roof. Built-up roofs can provide significant benefits for a variety of building types when high-quality materials are employed.

  • Multi Layer Protection

    A built-up roof's layers and sheet-like structure make it more difficult for moisture to get inside compared to many other materials, which can be helpful in wet weather.

  • Durable

    Built-up rooftops are surprisingly durable given their price and effectiveness when they have ballasted asphalt and a top-notch ply layer. In ideal warm climates, a well built-up roof can endure up to 30 years. Contrast this to an asphalt roll roof, a less expensive option that would only last for around 10 years.

  • Low Maintenance

    Built-up roofing has a very low profile and is put in big sheets. As a result, there are fewer individual roofing components that require replacement and the roofing is less prone to sustain damage. As a result, the roof is less stressful.

  • Easy Repairs

    Built-up roofing deterioration typically manifests as blisters, surface ripples, or material fissures. By removing the damaged materials and patching the roof, these issues can be remedied quickly and cheaply without adding undue stress to the situation.

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