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What is a EPDM Roof?

A type of synthetic rubber widely used in sloped buildings across North America, EPDM is extremely durable. It’s two ingredients, ethylene and propylene, are derived from oil and natural gas. Offered in black and white.
Extensions, green roofs, garages, and dormer roofs with either a cold or warm deck design are all suitable for EPDM. It is a tough substance that is unaffected by shifting weather. In fact, it won't break or crack even on the coldest days because it will continue to be flexible. In contrast to other roofing materials, EPDM keeps its integrity over time and won't degrade.

Benefits of EPDM Roof

Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, also known as EPDT, has many advantages for you and your property. EPDM has the potential to last more than 30 years when installed by skilled roofing contractors. It works well to safeguard flat-roofed buildings, including both residential and commercial ones.

  • Weather Resistant

    If you own a property and have an old roof that is starting to deteriorate, you may start to worry about how waterproof your roofing material is. If your roofing is unable to support the weight of the pooling water, leaks can cause significant damage to your interiors as well as the roof itself.

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    As a result of its resistance to tearing, punctures, and the accumulation of dirt and mould, TPO would be regarded as a strong roofing material. In addition to these qualities, TPO is the most adaptable single-ply roofing membrane because it can deal with the building's expansion and contraction more effectively than other materials.

  • Low Maintenance

    Unlike the majority of conventional roofing materials, such as felt, EPDM practically never needs maintenance after installation. The waterproof membranes are always flexible and have a similar lifespan to the substance. Although it is age-resistant, regular maintenance is necessary to make sure everything functions properly all year long.

  • Easy Installation

    With its simple and reliable application, you can get a better membrane without sacrificing durability. You can reach and perfect every square inch because some EPDM roofs are durable enough to walk on.

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