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What is a Cedar Shake Roof?

Cut from the heartwood of cedar timber, cedar roofing material is resistant to warping, twisting, or cracking under sunlight and temperature changes. If you’re looking for a natural look for the roof of your building, look no further than Pacific Coast Roofing & Waterproofing.
Blocks of cedar nailed into the bedding of the roof. Cedar provides a higher return on investment because of its durability and beauty, however, the owner must keep in mind that it requires regular maintenance as you want to prevent moss, mould and mildew growth.Shingle roofing consists of rectangular pieces of overlapping materials such as wood, slate, flagstone, metal, plastic, and composite materials such as fibre cement and asphalt. This roof type tends to deteriorate faster than others, because it needs to repel more water than wall shingles. It is a very common roofing material in North America.

Benefits of Cedar Shake Roof

Due to its long lasting nature, Cedar Shakes last a minimum 10 years longer that other commonly used roofing materials. Cedars are also known to be highly resistant to extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, heavy rainfall, hail and snow storms.

  • Insulation

    Cedar shingles act as a barrier to stop cold winds from blowing through and hot sunlight from entering your living spaces. Air pockets within the wood's inner grains keep temperatures from transferring from one side to the other.

  • Lightweight

    Your house will not become heavier due to cedar. As a result, once the shingles are installed on your roof, you won't need to worry about the structural integrity of your roof if you upgrade to cedar from a less durable roofing material.

  • Eco Friendly

    Cedar is an organic material obtained from American forests, and it also protects homes from the elements. As a result, no chemicals are used in the manufacture of cedar shingles.

  • Increase House Value

    The real estate market favours houses with cedar shingles. Prospective homebuyers search listings for possible new homes, looking for characteristics that guarantee low upkeep and endurance. One of the strongest roofing materials for homes is cedar, which is well-known for its strength.

Hire the Best Cedar Shake Roofing Contractors

PCC Roofing & Waterproofing are highly trustworthy roofing contractors in Vancouver and all of British Columbia. We are the top specialists in both residential and commercial Cedar Shake Roofing Services. We are committed to provide you the best workmanship in Installation, Repairs & Replacements.
We provide a service that is second to none and we do it exceptionally well. Whatever the project may be, PCC Roofing & Waterproofing have a skilled team & the right experience to carry out any job with ease. Since we came in existence , we have been working hard to bring our clients a one-stop roofing service. We carry out the works within budget and schedule.

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